Ralf Kaspras- VOI Certified Expert - Information Security & Compliance

Ralf Kaspras



VOI Certified Expert (VCE)
Information Security & Compliance
Certificate No.: Z2113008V





  • Procedural documentation for the use of Information Technology: Consulting and preparation (e.g., GoBD – a German finance guideline, data protection, whistle-blower protection)
  • Digital Transformation: Conceptual consulting and project support
  • Information-Security and (IT-) Compliance: Support in verification and optimization
  • Data mining for use in knowledge management, evaluations, and artificial intelligence: Conceptual consulting on proof of proper use
  • Certification of IT-Solutions: Implementation in cooperation with VOI association  and TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH, TÜV Nord Group.
  • Association work: Technical and public relations work in the VOI association, member of the VOI board of directors
  • Participation in the development and operation of the certification body VOI CERT, a division of VOI Service GmbH, Bonn: Document processes according to VOI PK-DML, qualified procedural documentation, whistle-blower protection according to DIN ISO 37002


  • Managing owner of the management consultancy InnoDataTech. Ralf Kaspras, Quickborn (SH/Cr. PI)
  • Auditor and expert for "Information Security and (IT-) Compliance" of VOI Service GmbH and external auditor of TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH, TÜV Nord Group, for "Document-Management-Solutions“ according to VOI PK-DML
  • Branch Manager and Assistant to the Board of DD Synergy AG (ex) - Member of PopNet AG (ex)
  • Study of computer science


  • Development of an audit procedure for whistle-blower protection in IT solutions based on the DIN ISO 37002 whistle-blower management system guidelines (on behalf of VOI Service GmbH, VOI CERT division)
  • Process documentation with a focus on GoBD, data protection, data, and cyber security
  • Audits
  • Participation in the development and organization of online and cloud collaboration for
  • VOI Association. Focus: Microsoft Teams